Clinical Assistant Jobs

At Summit Orthopedics, our clinical assistant roles support our physicians in a variety of settings. In addition to supporting the physician within their clinical specialty, they may also be responsible for assisting with various procedures, maintaining a physician’s schedule, rooming patients, obtaining prior authorizations, returning patient phone calls and updating patient records. Our clinical assistants have constant interaction with patients. We are seeking patient focused, high energy, compassionate individuals to join our team.

Surgical Technologist Jobs

Our surgical technologists have the option to work in two different settings, clinic and surgery. In a clinic setting, a surgical technologist may assist with rooming patients, patient education, casting, splinting, injections, scheduling and returning patient phone calls. In a surgical setting, a surgical technologist will assist the physician in surgery, set up sterile table with instruments, supplies, equipment, and medications/solutions needed for the procedure.

Athletic Trainer Jobs

Athletic Trainers at Summit Orthopedics serve as a physician extender in clinic and may also assist our physicians with various community outreach activities. Responsibilities may include obtaining patient health histories, performing initial and secondary assessments of patient, apply/removal of casts and dressings, applies braces, splints, or other assistive devices, removal of sutures and assistance with wound cares and injections. Provide patient education and instructions for in-home exercise programs per the provider’s direction/ protocol.

Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical assistants at Summit Orthopedics may work in either our orthopedic or occupational medicine clinics coordinating day-to-day activities. They manage a variety of tasks for patients. They work closely with the physician to assist with various clinic procedures to assure clinic runs smoothly.

“When you join Summit Orthopedics, you are joining a family. Everyone works as a team with one common goal and are always willing to help one another out.”

Sara Rock, Certified Athletic Trainer

Summit family member since 2016