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Summit ASC Quality Data

2018 ASC Surgeries and Procedures Performed

 Total Hip ReplacementTotal Knee ReplacementHip ArthroscopySpine
Eagan Surgery Center1001900746
Vadnais Heights Surgery Center16532119382
 Carpal Tunnel ReleaseACL RepairRotator Cuff RepairSpine Injection
Eagan Surgery Center63902152,992
Landmark Surgery Center1,111000
Plymouth Surgery Center0007,311
Vadnais Heights Surgery Center911322843,387

2018 Total Surgical and Procedure Cases By Location

Landmark Surgery Center4,060
Vadnais Heights Surgery Center6,886
Eagan Surgery Center6,617
Plymouth Surgery Center7,311

Patients admitted to a hospital within 30 days of outpatient surgery in 2018

Landmark Surgery Center0.2%
Vadnais Heights Surgery Center0.14%
Eagan Surgery Center0.21%
Plymouth Surgery Center0.0%
compared to 2.03% Hospital readmission rate for orthopedics

Patient Transfers to Hospital 2018

Landmark Surgery Center0.07%
Vadnais Heights Surgery Center0.07%
Eagan Surgery Center0.03%
Plymouth Surgery Center0.0%
Compared to 0.899% ASC national rate for hospital transfers, 2018 ASC Quality collaboration