Secure Tracks

Accelerated walking program after surgery.

The Care Suites are home to Secure Tracks, a specialty physical therapy device that allows you to start walking faster after surgery, prevents falls, and improves your natural gait. It’s the only one of its kind in the Midwest. The innovative Secure Tracks is a ceiling mounted monorail system with a support frame that allows you to stand upright, using your upper body for support. You then walk—fully supported, and confidently able to adjust to your new joint. The Secure Tracks are used most often for significant hip, knee, and ankle surgeries.

A physical therapist will provide rehabilitation services in the Care Suites area during your stay. With both an in-depth knowledge of the body’s ability to move and function, along with a compassionate, inspiring can-do mentality, a physical therapist is an invaluable partner in your journey to maximizing your physical abilities after surgery.