Carpal Tunnel Release Patient Outcomes

For those needing surgery, we are your carpal tunnel experts, performing over 1,300 carpal tunnel release procedures each year.

TIME PERIODBefore Surgery3 Months After Surgery6 Months After Surgery12 Months After Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery: Effects on Lifestyle

 SleepingWashingCarrying BagsDaily Activities
BEFORE SURGERY8 out of 10 people struggled with sleep70% had trouble washing their back50% had moderate to severe difficulty carrying a briefcase or shopping bag80% experienced at least some limitation on daily activities
6 MONTHS AFTER SURGERYNearly 9 out of 10 patients reported mild to no difficulty sleeping60% had no trouble with the task84% had little or no difficulty carrying their belongings50% reported no limitations in daily activities

*All carpal tunnel release patient outcome data collected: 2015-Q1 2018

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