Spine Surgery: 2 days prior

Getting you ready for surgery, one step at a time.

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Discontinue nicotine, tobacco, and alcohol

As of today, please stop all remaining use of nicotine, tobacco, and alcohol products which can interfere with your ability to have a complete and healthy recovery.

Directions to the surgery center

View our location page for detailed information, address, and directions:

Eagan Surgery Center – Check-in on third floor

At the surgery center

In addition, here is some helpful information about what to expect once you arrive for your procedure.

  1. Upon arrival, a receptionist will check you in for your procedure. Please make sure to have your photo ID and insurance card with you for check-in.
  2. A pre-op nurse will get you settled into a room where you will change into a gown, be given a warm blanket, have your vital signs checked and an IV placed.
  3. The anesthesia team will meet with you and talk about the different types of anesthesia as well as the risks, complications, and benefits of the anesthesia used.
  4. Your surgeon and his or her surgical team will also stop in to answer any final questions.

Double check essentials

Please remember to make sure that you have all the essentials, including medications prescribed by the nurse navigator, your ID and insurance card, and a caregiver available to drive you home.