Stay Safe, Be Well

These are difficult times for the Summit family. Unique challenges face those who are working, as well as those who are furloughed. The stress of the situation can cause emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and relational struggles. As a family, we support one another. We celebrate the victories, and share in the hard times. Together, we are stronger. We have brought together resources to help you stay safe and be well.

Check in with a work friend

Take a few minutes to chat with a trusted coworker.

Get outside

Enjoy the rejuvenation power of being outdoors.

Limit amount of news

Balance your media diet with positive encouragement.

Relax and meditate

Take a moment to recharge when you are depleted.

Add Exercise

Fit it in however and wherever you can.

Dive into a book

Escape into a different world by reading.

Make time for hobbies

Old or new, they are great source of distraction.