Tips To Evaluate Your Exercise Program

If spring has put you in the mood to renew your fitness goals, we have tips to help you tailor your exercise program to your individual needs.

Exercise is an important way to improve our health and maintain a vibrant lifestyle. Ideally, adults should get at least 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise a day for at least five days per week. Some people with heart and joint conditions should not begin exercising without a medical review to make sure that their fitness program is safe for them.

Not everyone needs an extensive medical work-up before beginning a physical activity program. However, even people without specific health issues can benefit from keeping the following exercise considerations in mind:

  • Consider your overall health before beginning unsupervised physical exercise. If you have high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, a family history of heart disease, a smoking habit, obesity, and/or abnormal glucose tolerance, it may be a good idea to check with your doctor before beginning a fitness program.
  • Consider the type of exercise you’ll be doing. If you haven’t been exercising regularly, begin with light-to-moderate activities, and gradually increase your activity level over time. Remember, your minimum goal should be 30 minutes of moderate activity per day at least five times every week.
  • If you have high blood pressure, take extra precautions. A fitness program can help lower blood pressure over time, but when high blood pressure is untreated, it may be aggravated by exercise. People with a personal history of high blood pressure should schedule a medical evaluation with their doctor before they begin an exercise program.
  • Your age and gender can increase the risk of heart disease and affect the safety of your exercise program. Men who are 45 years of age or older and women who are 55 years of age or older are at higher risk. These people should review a self-assessment questionnaire to find out whether they should review a fitness plan with their doctor.

We want to help make fitness easy and injury-free. By following these guidelines and understanding your individual health picture, you’ll have the information you need to pursue a fitness plan that is safe and tailored to your personal goals.

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