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| Patient Story

Knee replacement journey

I have felt cared for and educated on my knee from day.

On June 15, 2018, I had a knee replacement surgery done by Dr. Kris Breien at the Eagan site. I met with Kristine and she gave me the whole layout on June 12 of what was going to happen from start to finish. I like Summit because services are conducted in teams- so all are working together in unison for you, the patient. I know who is handling what- it says it all in the packet or on the card.

The surgery went well. I loved that my anesthesia doctor was singing, and very happy to see me. His mood put me at ease just by how he conducted himself. Thank you for that.

I was scared but all went well. The nurses, Dave in PT, took care of me afterwards. Oh my gosh, It was much better than a hospital.

There were 3 patients that day in the care suites- all of us left knee surgeries. So the care suites were quiet, nurses and staff were not dividing their time with a host load of other patients with varied needs. So nothing could get screwed up or mistaken.

Staff was genuine and caring – every single one. They told me what was coming up to happen with pain, etc….. so I was equipped with going home on the Saturday am.

I have felt cared for and educated on my knee from day 1. Naydeen – helped me with any dr. note to my job, Bryan- PA would call me back the same day to answer my questions.

The facility was clean, new.

Physical Therapy at HESC – they are awesome! Amanda Feeney, Mike, and Sam have been my weekly rocks and touchpoints to make my knee work and to keep me going. Always encouraging. And it is only a mile from my home. I took my PT seriously and did everything they said – you have to in order to improve.

Sarah – scheduler – awesome.

So my experience has been super positive. Thank you Summit O.