Fred’s Story

Fred, a competitive ice dancer, shares his experience with Dr. Khetia and his team.

Through hockey, horses and accidents, I have had a total of 4 rotator cuff surgeries. The last three have been performed at Summit (as well as two trigger finger surgeries). After my first surgery with Summit, I decided that I was willing to go outside of my network and pay the difference because of the quality of care I received there. Dr. Khetia has performed the last two with the last one being a repair to a repair due to a fall off of a ladder. My wife and I are competitive ice dancers and it was really questionable whether we were going to be able to compete this year since (in dancing) I have to be able to hold my arm up. While I probably started skating a bit earlier than Dr. Khetia would have liked, we managed to get enough practice time in to make it to the competition and earn the Silver medal in our division. Many thanks to Dr Khetia, Alex and the rest of his staff as well as Amy Wagner in PT for putting me back together – again!

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