Top 5 Hockey Exercises for Speed, Power, and Control

Excelling on the ice is not a matter of what happens on the ice — it’s a matter of what training and preparation an athlete has engaged in before stepping out on the ice. Here are a few easy ways to make sure that your workouts are supporting your ability to play hockey to the best of your ability.




Before you begin any exercise session, make sure to start with a dynamic warmup — start engaging the muscles you’ll be using with some light activity. For example, if you were going out for a run, you might start with a brisk walk and a slow jog. Once you’re warmed up, here are five types of activities to consider.

  1. Sprints

The explosive speed is one of the most exhilarating aspects of hockey. But you don’t need to lace up your skates to improve your skill. Simple wind sprints can do the job.

  1. Squats and lunges

Weight training is great, and many hockey players swear by it, but body-weight exercises like squats and lunges can be really effective — with no gym equipment needed. You can find detailed instructional videos online for a lot of body-weight exercise routines for lower body strength. Concentrate on maintaining good form throughout each movement.

  1. Single-leg squats

Unlike athletes in many other sports, hockey players spend a lot of time on one foot. If all your training is on two feet, you may be missing two key components: single-leg strength and balance. There are a million variations of single-leg squats available through instructional videos online.

  1. Stick- and puck-handling drills

Hockey players need to be able to handle the stick and puck effectively, even while screaming down the ice at top speed. Drills to manipulate the stick (or stick and puck) can boost hockey players’ agility.

  1. Sled drag

Stand facing a sled, grasp its rope, and jog backward, pulling the sled. This exercise helps strengthen the quadriceps, to keep them in balance with the hamstrings.

After your workout, make sure to cool down with both dynamic and static stretching. Make sure you focus on loosening your hip flexors and opening up your hips to combat hip tightness, a common trouble spot for hockey athletes.

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