About Online Check-in

Online check-in will begin at selected clinics in April 2023 and available at all clinic locations by May 2023.

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What is Online Check-in?
Online check-in is a tool that allows you to complete pre-visit registration ahead of time from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You can conveniently:

  • Enter or update your information.
  • Complete forms
  • Electronically sign policies and consents
  • Upload insurance and photo ID cards
  • Pay any co-pay or outstanding balances

This is done right from the privacy and convenience of your own phone or device. It also saves you time when checking in on the day of your appointment.

No app to download. No username and password. To keep your information secure, we will use your name, date of birth, and send a security code.

How does online check-in work?
Your appointment reminder from Summit (text and email) will give you the option to confirm your appointment. That launches the Pre-Check process.

How do I complete my online check-in?
By clicking the link with the text/email you receive, select “confirm” appointment, and it will allow you to begin the online Pre-Check process.

Can I complete my forms in a language other than English?
Yes! Pre-Check is available in 20 different languages.

What do I need to do when I arrive at the clinic if I used online check-in?
When you arrive for your appointment, please follow the check in signs for “Pre-Check Completed”. This special line is only for those who have done their forms ahead of time. The front desk will complete your check in process and let you know if they need additional information from you.

How is my information kept secure?
We use a secure, HIPAA compliant system to collect information. Your information is kept completely private. The vendor we use (Phreesia) provides industry-leading privacy and security for patients’ data. For additional information about Phreesia’s security visit https://www.phreesia.com/patient-privacy.

What happens if I forget to finish my Pre-Check?
That’s okay! Everything you completed is saved. When you arrive, we will send you a new link and you will pick up where you left off.

Can I still check in at the clinic?
Yes. There are two ways you can check-in at clinic. Start by getting in the “Check-In Line.”

  1. Mobile In-Office Check-in: We will send a link to your phone, and you can relax in the lobby while you complete the process from your own device, so you won’t have to answer questions verbally.
  2. Paper and staff member: We are here to provide patients with choices that are convenient for them, not to force technology. If you prefer filling out your paperwork with a clipboard and pen and talking to a staff member, we are happy to do so.

What services can I not use online check-in for?
Surgery-based procedures and injections

What is credit card on file?
The credit card on file is a convenient way for the system to keep your information, so you don’t have to enter it every time you come to see us. You are not consenting to pay anything automatically, we will only charge your card when you request us to do so as part of check-in.

What if I have trouble with the system, questions, or feedback?
The system we are using is considered the gold standard and over 10 million appointments have been checked in using this tool in the U.S. If you do happen to have an issue, questions or feedback, you can just come in and we can finish the process in person when you arrive. Make sure to let the front desk know if there was an issue, so we can further explore it.