Women Who Inspire Us

So many women out there are doing incredible things, and we wanted to share those inspiring stories with you. From patients, to employees, to leaders, to elite athletes, all the stories are different, yet all share one thing in common – they’re all amazing women making an impact on the world in one way or another.



Maggie Nichols is a USA Gymnast, NCAA National Champion, and Summit Orthopedics patient.

We’re so honored we had the opportunity to sit down with Maggie, and talk to her about the amazing perspective she has on a variety of topics – from competing as an athlete during COVID, to overcoming injuries, and to finding your voice and the power of positivity.

Maggie Nichols Inspiration Series

Women Who Inspire Us Video Series


Lori is a Physical Therapist at our Vadnais Heights location, she’s been a Summit patient with Dr. Scofield, AND has been a trapeze artist for over 10 years!

“I started flying with a club called Embrace Adrenaline in Marine on St. Croix about 10 years ago. We practice 2-3 times a week – it’s a social club and we do this for fun. We have a show about once a year to showcase our work. Anyone driving by is welcome to stop in any day we are flying and enjoy the fun with us. I love trapeze as it is the most freeing activity I have ever done. It is also the best workout I can find and nothing else I have done seems to replicate the muscles used in this activity.”


Dear Dr. Beacom,

I met you back in 2009 for a hip injury when I just finished 7th grade. You were the first female physician I ever had take care of me. After having you care for me, I started to be interested in a career in medicine. I had never considered it before because I had only had male physicians. It was because of you that I started my journey to be a doctor. I am currently in my third year of medical school at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Thank you for inspiring me and showing me that women can be doctors too!



I had a full deep tear in my right rotator cuff. I am avid weight lifter and compete in Olympic lifting and crossfit competitions. Dr. Khetia and his team performed surgery on September 4, 2019. I was unable to lift any weights until January 2020. I followed ALL the prescribed physical therapy as directed because I didn’t want to be sidelined due to a re-injury or frozen shoulder.

I am one year out from surgery today and I have exceeded all my expectations of recovery and am lifting the heaviest weights and hitting personal records including over-head lifts. I still perform my PT exercises and stretch for an entire our before every workout. It’s now just part of my routine. At 49 years old, I could not have asked for a better result. Thanks for a great job Dr. Khetia and team!

During the peak of the pandemic, one Summit nurse and three Summit physician assistants partnered up to make a difference.

In 2020, they created Mask Up MN and gave away 8,192 handmade masks to their community from April to October. They donated to individuals, small business, and nursing homes. A few of the places that benefited from their generosity were the VA in Minneapolis, the Wilder Foundation, RS Eden, MN Adult and Teen Challenge, multiple fast-food chains, several local senior living communities, and several residences for people with disabilities. They rallied their coworkers, friends, and strangers to help with the creation and distribution of the masks.

“It was a life-changing experience for me, and it was so awesome to help people in need. It was very fulfilling.” — Karyn B., RN

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