Care Suites

Summit’s state-of-the-art Care Suites at our Vadnais Heights and Eagan locations offer a full-service specialty recovery stay for larger surgeries, such as total knee and hip replacements and advanced spine surgeries like disc replacements, minimally-invasive surgery, and spinal fusions.

The Care Suites serve as a transition between the surgery center and home, and provide specialized nursing and therapy to set you up for the greatest success following surgery.

Where hospitality meets healthcare

You benefit from an experience that includes:

  • Improved pain management techniques that allow patients to have
    greater range of movement following surgery and accelerate recovery
  • Trained nursing professionals assist with medication management,
    comfort, transfers, and overall recovery needs
  • Limited interruptions and quiet environment to facilitate recovery
  • Catered meals and healthy diet selections from local popular restaurants
  • Personalized one-on-one Physical Therapy
  • Secure Tracks: the latest advancement in reconstructive surgery therapy and the only one of its kind in the Midwest
  • 20-30% less expense than an inpatient hospital stay for same surgery
  • Extremely low infection rates
  • Easy transition from surgery center to on-site Care Suites
Hotel-style appointed rooms, minus the germs

These suites, modeled after hotels, have been specially outfitted to meet both your comfort and medical care needs. We maintain rigorous medical standards for cleanliness to protect you from infection during your stay.

  • Luxury linens to provide a comfortable night’s sleep
  • Hotel-grade orthopedic mattresses for full-body support
  • Murphy beds tuck away during the day to allow for you to be up and
    moving and actively recovering
  • La-Z-Boy specialty recliner offers comfort both for you and
    your guest in the suites
  • Stocked refrigerator per your specifications
  • iPod Docking Station

The care I received in the care suites was also excellent. The staff was there when needed and not unless needed - very friendly and skilled.

Survey Feedback For Daren Wickum, M.D.

The care suites were so clean.  The walking area clean.  Very quiet and nice.

Survey Feedback

This was better than any hotel I've ever stayed in and the room service was superb!  Only wished I could have stayed longer.

Survey feedback

I was very much cared for red carpet service.  I was very pleased and relaxed.

Survey feedback

Though I initially had reservations re a "surgery center" rather than a hospital - I was most pleased - MY care was excellent and my recovery was totally amazing! Credit also to staff - Physical Therapist.

Survey feedback

I was very happy using the Care Center and Surgery Center for my surgery. I will do it this way again, if needed for another hip or other joint replacement.

Survey Feedback

My husband stayed and helped also.  Thanks for that choice.

Survey feedback

Everyone was friendly, kind and courteous.  You made my stay so comfortable and worry free.  I would definitely come back if I happened to need surgery.  I would like to thank everyone who helped take care of me.

Survey feedback

All around great experience, from care suites to therapy. Also had both knees done in 2017 so everything was great both times.

Survey Feedback For Jennifer Nelson, PT, MS

Everyone was remarkable, didn't even feel as though I had gone through a major operation felt right at home had no worries or fears.

Survey Feedback For Daren Wickum, M.D.

in-house anesthesiology

Common procedures using recovery stays at the care suites:
  • Total Knee Replacements
  • Total Hip Replacements
  • Total Shoulder Replacements
  • Ankle Replacements
  • Unicompartmental Knee Replacement
  • Interior Cervical Fusion
  • Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Are the Care Suites right for me?

We always encourage you to talk to your doctor and ask whether the Care Suites would be the right option for you. Generally, the Care Suites option is recommended for individuals who are otherwise healthy and do not have any significant medical issues.

Your surgeon and an advanced care provider will discuss your health history to determine whether you would be best cared for in an inpatient hospital setting or at Vadnais Heights or Eagan Surgery Center followed by a Care Suites recovery stay.

total joint surgery rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist will provide rehabilitation services in the Care Suites area during your stay. With both an in-depth knowledge of the body’s ability to move and function, and a compassionate, inspiring can-do mentality, a physical therapist is an invaluable partner in your journey to maximizing your physical abilities after surgery. Together, you’ll establish goals, and your progress will be monitored closely.

Secure Tracks

The Care Suites are home to Secure Tracks, a specialty physical therapy device that allows you to start walking faster after surgery, prevents falls, and improves your natural gait. The innovative Secure Tracks is a ceiling-mounted monorail system with a support frame that allows you to stand upright, using your upper body for support. You then walk—fully supported and confidently able to adjust to your new joint. The Secure Tracks are used most often for significant hip, knee, and ankle surgeries.

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