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    Erica Gustafson, PT, MPT, OCS

    My physical therapist is very good, he is helping me get through the pain and mobility.

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    Paul Hendrickson, PT

    Paul is excellent!  He really knows what he’s doing and is very pleasant to talk to.

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    James Gannon, M.D.

    I have had many many knee surgeries through your office!! I’ve had both Dr. Gannon and Dr. Daly (once at the same time) and they are fantastic. Sad that I need them again and I’m in WA state now. Want to come visit just for appointments!

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    Jonathan Biebl, M.D.

    I am thrilled that Dr. Biebl is still practicing!  He is so kind, and so brilliant. Lots of confidence in him!

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    Eric Khetia, M.D.

    As a nurse, Dr. Khetia and his team took wonderful care of my husband. Dr. Khetia explained things to me in non medical terms as Orthopedics is not my specialty. My husband will need a second surgery for his other arm, and I have no doubts Dr. Khetia will continue to do his best. I will recommend anyone I know that needs ortho surgery to this wonderful MD.

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    Amy Wagner, PT, DPT

    Amy always asks about my activities and how I feel afterward.  She then incorporates exercises and suggestions to further my recovery and reduce any lingering pain.