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    Russel Warnsholz, Lead PA-C

    I did the walk-in clinic due to urgency of my injury. Loved walk-in clinic and being able to see someone about my injury right away without waiting to be scheduled days out to see a provider.

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    My physical therapist, Mary Fellows, has been so helpful, answering my questions, educating me on correct body mechanics when I exercise, and has a good, honest personality. I needed this because my situation has been on-going 2+ years. So far, I have felt very encouraged toward healing.

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    Kate Maloney, PT, MPT, OCS

    Kate has been very encouraging. On days when I really hurt, she has been understanding and supportive. Treatment was modified so that I could accomplish it and benefit from it. I really appreciate that.

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    Angela Voight, M.D.

    Aaron called me the original day of my appointment and told me if I was coming for a Synvisc-One injection that I should come next week for insurance to cover. I was VERY impressed he took the time to look that close at my chart and that he called me. Aaron and Dr. Voight are wonderful providers.

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    Abby Clark, PA-C

    Abigail Clark and Peter Daly were both great!  I wouldn’t hesitate to see them again (if needed) and I would recommend them to all who ask.

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    Aleksandra Siemers, PT, DPT

    Aleks is the very best PT I have ever had, including all physical therapy I have had throughout the many years. Aleks is excellent in all she does for me and I am sure for all others too.