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    Nicholas Wills, M.D.

    After suffering for several years from a deteriorating L-spine problem I was referred to Dr. Wills by my G.P. I describe my walking as shuffling and I was in constant pain that varied from bad (on a good day) to miserable. I could not find a pain free position in the daytime or while trying to sleep.

    Dr. Wills and his assistant Matt guided me through several less invasive procedures and physical therapy before surgery became the only option remaining. I went into surgery in pain and walked out of the surgery center the same day with the painful leg symptoms gone as well as the shuffling gait had already improved to a walking stride.

    They are a knowledgeable, professional, sympathetic, encouraging and energetic team. They have my full confidence and I have referred persons to them.

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    Edward Santos, M.D.

    All of my visits has been very good.  All providers showed courtesy and concern towards me.

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    Andrew M. Clary, D.O.

    All staff were courteous, concerned and helpful.

  • Survey Feedback For
    Andrew M. Clary, D.O.

    All the staff I came in contact with were exceptionally kind, caring, informative and helpful.

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    Steven R. Sabers, M.D.

    Always a wonderful experience.  Nurses are friendly, supportive and easy to work with.  Dr. Sabers always explains everything step by step in a very calm and supportive way.

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    Brendan Murphy, PA-C

    Always excellent care from Dr. Strothman’s team; keep up the exceptional work!