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    Anne Merrill, PA-C

    I saw this provider in Summit’s Orthoquick clinic.  I had not gone to this provider before.  She was excellent, very thorough in assessing the pain I had, ordered X-rays, gave me a shot of cortisone in my bursa and referred me to followup with a hip doctor.  Very happy with this emergency service received on that day.

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    I saw Christian once on 2/28 and since then I have had no pain in my right hip.  I feel like a normal person again!  Thank you!

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    Peter Daly, M.D.

    Dr. Daly is an excellent hip replacement surgeon and I have recommended him to two of my siblings both of whom thought he was fantastic, one was a total knee replacement and one was a total hip replacement. They also felt Dan the physician assistant was terrific. I tell everyone how great the team is and what a great job they do in all areas.

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    Daren Wickum, M.D.

    Overall it was a great experience.  I’ll be back to have the other hip replaced when the time comes.  Keep up the good work!

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    Jerome Perra, M.D.

    Great – Dr. explained thoroughly my condition and prescribed rx for my hip pain.

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    Kristoffer Breien, M.D.

    Have had both hips replaced by Dr. Breien in 2010 – my hips are wonderful!  Now on to the knees –