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    Chris was exceptional – he answered questions I’ve never been able to get a correct answer to!

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    Lana Schultz Krumwiede, PT, DPT, OCS

    I have been so impressed and thankful to have Lana helping me. She was recommend by a close friend and has been such a blessing. She is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

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    Jack Skendzel, M.D.

    I was diligently pursuing physical therapy without relief, when I was first referred to Dr. Skendzel and his team. After a thourough physical examination, along with imaging results, he diagnosed a torn labrum in my hip. I felt relief to finally have an answer for my pain, and Dr. Skendzel explained my images and injury in details, in a way that I could understand. He was conservative in his recommendation and did not push surgery. Instead, Dr. Skendzel sought the opinion of additional experts in the field to assess my condition further. I greatly appreciated this, and I was glad to have input from a “team.” Upon my decision to move forward with surgery, Dr. Skendzel gave me an honest picture of the surgery and recovery process. He showed great care towards my young family and how they would be affected by my recovery. I felt confident to move forward, with the support of my husband, who really likes Dr. Skendzel as well. Bonus! Currently, I am 6 weeks post surgery, and on my way to a full recovery, with the help of Dr. Skendzel’s detailed post-operative plan and the well-trained therapists he works with. Dr. Skendzel still asks how my family is doing. I highly recommend him, based on his expertise, ability, and character.

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    Erica Gustafson, PT, MPT

    My physical therapist is very good, he is helping me get through the pain and mobility.

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    Aleeta Butkus, DPT

    I have never had to wait for my appointment. Aleeta is very good at what she does and is really helping the progress. The receptionist is also excellent.

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    Jennifer Nelson, PT, MS

    Everyone was very helpful! Your entire staff rocks! From the reception desk to my therapist was very aware of my concerns and went out of their way to help!