My Finger Won’t Straighten [Video]

Ask the Expert: Hand Video Series

If you are concerned about what might be causing your finger not to straighten, listen to Summit Orthopedics’ experts share some of the reasons why that might be. Featuring hand surgeons, Edward Su, MD, David Falconer, MD and LT Donovan, DO.

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  • Edward Su, M.D.

    “Driving, cooking, bathing, using tools, computers, and playing sports. We interact with the world largely through our hands, and I appreciate the importance of staying active and pain free.”

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  • LT Donovan, D.O.

    “My personal passions for baseball and cycling often give me unique insights about how to treat sports-related injuries.”

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  • David Falconer, M.D.

    “My interests and favorite activities have helped me appreciate how patients feel when they have a hand or arm injury that is keeping them from what they love to do.”

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