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| Patient Story

Physical Therapy success story

I am writing this letter to you regarding one of your employees, Katlin E. Hanson, who I have had the pleasure of overseeing my physical therapy after my broken and cracked arm that happened December 20, 2016.

I was sent to physical therapy and assigned to Katlin.  She knew exactly what I needed and proceeded to help me with her therapy to get that arm moving again without pain.  Let me tell you people (and I know you are a very large corporation with many locations and employees, etc.) but I absolutely, positively, cannot praise this girl enough.  So help me God, in a short time with her, I am almost back 100% using my right arm.  She took my arm, stretched it, pushed on it, etc. etc. moved it, did all the exercises, etc. and that is what I needed.

I dearly love this girl and if I ever (and I pray that I don’t need physical therapy again) need PT again, you better believe I will ask for her.

And even the two girls at the front desk, were exceptional.  They called me by my name when I first walked into the reception room.  What a wonderful experience I had when I was scared to death to come and have therapy. I saw them treat everyone so very warmly.

I will finish my therapy on March 31 but I will never forget Katlin. We shared recipes and ideas during out sessions together and made by experience a please to come work out with her.  I may be 75 years old but this chick is never going to get old and I plan to keep physically fit and healthy until I’m 100.

Please acknowledge this most wonderful employee that you have working for you.  To find someone her age with “down to earth” values, the drive to make her patients well again, is hard to find.