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| Patient Story

A physical therpay success story

From day one, I trusted her and knew she really cared about helping me.

I am a 66-year-old woman who has lived with lower back and hip pain for many years. I have had several spine injections with various levels of relief. Several months ago the pain once again became life limiting. At Dr. Santos insistence on PT, I began seeing Kelly Stadelman in your Eagan office. I had been through physical therapy once before for my knee. It was painful and seemed to make things worse so I really felt it wouldn’t work. Well, I am happy to say with Kelly’s help, I am much better, not perfect, (I never will be with my issues) but I know how to stay better because of what she taught me. From day one, I trusted her and knew she really cared about helping me.

Kelly is very professional yet warm and personal with a very genuine nature. She is a great physical therapist, she knows her stuff! It is also apparent that she understands her job is more than is much more than exercises and physical issues. As important are emotional support, listening, understanding and working with what a patient is going through. I was super frustrated when I started, now I am hopeful. Last Sunday I walked all the way around MOA with my grand kids and played mini golf. Just a few months ago, I had to almost crawl to my car in severe pain after a short visit to the Mall. I can even walk on my treadmill again! Kelly is a great asset to Summit Ortho! Please let he know how much she is appreciated!