Mike’s Story

I am back to all pre knee problem activities and it has only been 7 months.

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Had total knee replacement in May 2016 with Dr. Daly’s team (came down from Alaska to have it done at Summit). Went off without a hitch and just wanted to share that it has been a life changer. I just finished taking the stairs to the 14th floor of our hotel (31st anniversary). This would have never happened before TKR. I am back to all pre knee problem activities and it has only been 7 months. This includes 5-6 mile hiking on mountain trails and hunting in the Alaska woods for many hours and many miles. If you are considering having this done I have 2 pieces of advice: first, just do it you will not regret it and second: do the physical therapy as directed following the procedure. It is really only super tough the first few days but makes all the difference. I know folks who took the easy way out and their result was nowhere near as good. Happy Holidays to all the awesome folks at Summit and particularly Dr. Daly’s team!

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