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Dr. Pepin is the best!!

A composition of photos of a young woman, one smiling and happy, the other of a leg injury. Photos overlay a blurred background of girls' volleyball in action.

Last year I found out right at the end of my volleyball season that I would need to have surgery to repair my meniscus. Initially we thought that it would be a small repair and I would be back to sports right away. After my surgeon Dr. Pepin had gotten in there, they found it was little worse than they thought. They were able to repair and while I was extremely sad that the recovery was going to be longer than I had initially expected, they did a fantastic job on the repair. I am so happy that I was able to get my knee fixed and back to sports last spring. Dr. Pepin is the best!! Also the staff were so friendly and helpful, they made my surgery not so scary. Thanks Summit!!

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