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Patient Appreciation Week 2020: Thank you to our patients!

This year, we have a virtual twist on our Patient Appreciation Week. During these unprecedented times, we still wanted to show how much we appreciate our patients. Follow us on social media for daily challenges and chances to win prizes!

Video Transcription

During this recent closure in the pandemic, I realized how much I miss our Summit patients, you know, to be able to take care of patients, to get them back to their work, their sport, just any activity they have a passion for. I realized how much I missed that. And so now that we’re open again, I just want to tell all of our patients, thank you for choosing Summit Orthopedics, because we’re grateful for you. The fact that our patients will trust us to make a safe environment for them, their small children, and potentially their older parents – that they’ll trust us, that we’ll make the environment as safe as possible, and we’ll continue to deliver exceptional care, even when a lot of the world is in hiding. That’s really important and special to me – that our patients will still trust us to make this a safe, yet caring and compassionate environment for them to receive excellent care. We’re so glad to be back here, and we so much appreciate that you trust us with delivering your care, especially with the uncertainty involved with COVID. And we really appreciate that you allow us the opportunity to deliver orthopedic care to you. I just wanted to say to all our patients, thank you so much for allowing us to be involved in your care. We hope that we provide you great service, and we’re happy to take care of you. Thank you. I would like to thank the patients at Summit Orthopedics for having the confidence in us to trust us with their care. We appreciate it, and we don’t take it for granted. Thank you to all our patients for trusting me, trusting us with helping you to get better and helping you to get back to what you want to be and do. It’s an honor and a privilege. Taking care of patients is what I do, and it’s what makes me feel good. And when someone comes in and shows the trust and the confidence in me to put them back together, that’s the best feeling I get in the world. And so I thank you, patients, for continuing to come. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to carry out our craft and to carry out our skills, and to carry out the unique expertise that we have assembled and put together so that we can do one thing, which is to serve you. Thank you.