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The Importance of our Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) [Video]

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)

Video Transcription:

In our practice at Summit, APPs have a huge role. And individually, each APP has a strong connection with one of our physicians or surgeons. And I think that’s extremely important because as they learn and as they grow and as they become more comfortable in what they’re doing, they’re also getting continuous and constant input. And so they become very capable of continuing the care that the provider they work with would typically provide.

Our surgeons are really invested in us as APPs, because they want us to be as educated and knowledgeable and well-trained as we can be because they see us as an extension of them. That way, if patients are seeing us, they can have full confidence that we’re on the same page as our surgeon, and that they’re going to receive just as high of a level of care as our surgeon would be able to provide.