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Greg’s Story

I cannot say enough good things about Summit Orthopedics.

I had my first consultation with Dr. Mark Holm March 1st, 2021, for examining both hands with tingling, numbness and a bent right thumb at the IP joint. Also, I showed him a lipoma on my right ankle which had grown in size to an avocado which I would like to get removed.

He referred me to Dr. Michael Anderson, foot specialist at Summit. I saw Dr. Anderson March 19th, who confirmed the lipoma diagnosis.

Here is what is special about Summit Orthopedics: Dr. Holm scheduled my left hand carpal tunnel surgery for March 17th and my right hand carpal tunnel plus right thumb surgery for April 7th. Dr. Anderson graciously agreed to do the lipoma removal at the SAME TIME as the April 7th hand surgery. Going out his way, he did this at the Woodbury Surgery Center instead of his usual Eagan facility.

This “dual surgery” saved me an additional surgery, additional pre-op physical and the overall stress involved having another surgery. The added EXPENSE saved is especially noteworthy since Summit could have gained all the revenue from an additional surgery. WOW! Unheard of these days!

Final Note: Every single person I have encountered at Summit, from Dr. Holm and Dr. Anderson to the front desks, office medical assistants, surgical nurses and billing department has been SUPER friendly and accommodating!

I cannot say enough good things about Summit Orthopedics.