Before your arthritis appointment

Tips for Efficient and Effective Clinic Appointments

Images/Films – Bring pertinent X-Rays, MRI or CT scan images/films with you to your appointment, if you have already had them done. Your Patient Care Team will need images/films to review and evaluate your care needs.

Medical Records – Bring copies of any medical records related to the reason for your visit. Your Patient Care Team needs your records to review and evaluate your healthcare needs.

Insurance Card – Bring your health insurance card(s) and your drivers’ license (or photo ID). We recommend that you contact your insurance plan before your appointment to determine your plan’s deductibles, network status, co-pays and benefits.

Co-pays – Payments for any co-pays are requested at the time of your scheduled appointment. Contact your health insurance plan before your scheduled appointment to ask about your plan’s co-pays, network status, deductibles and benefits.

Cancellation – We kindly ask that any cancellations be done at least 24 hours before your appointment, so we can make your appointment time available to another patient. Should you need to cancel and reschedule your appointment please contact us.

Thank you for choosing Summit Orthopedics. Your Patient Care Team looks forwarding to seeing you.

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