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What to Expect

Pain makes us all feel vulnerable. When you entrust your medical care to Summit Orthopedics, our spine specialists meet you with the care you need and explain exactly what you can expect at every step of your treatment. Our approach is one of collaborative partnership. We develop an integrated treatment plan that is tailored to your needs, knowing that you will have the best outcome when you take an active role in your recovery.

You can expect us to design a program specifically for you and your condition, and to guide you safely through every stage of your recuperation. We expect you to participate actively in the exercise and rehabilitation program we create for you, because your commitment to follow through with your therapy is a critical part of your recovery. We’ll give you the expertise and coaching to continue your therapy independently, because we know that the quality of your outcome is a direct reflection of the effort you commit to your exercises.

You “drive the car” of your recovery, and our team collaboratively supports your journey with the tools and encouragement you need, monitoring your progress and making adjustments to optimize your outcome. Our spine-specialized tools control your pain while enabling you to rebuild your strength through treatments such as targeted physical therapy, exercise, activity modification, guided injections, and medication. With these resources, you will have the tools you need to make a full recovery. Your successful outcome depends on a joint partnership that combines our spine expertise and your active commitment to rehabilitation.