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Custom vs. Fitted vs. Off the Shelf


Your options: Types of orthotic devices

There are generally three different types of orthotic devices that are dispensed from our Bracing department. These include: custom, prefabricated (fitted), and off the shelf products. The type of orthosis that is provided is largely determined by several factors such as: the dispensing order, evaluation by Bracing practitioner, medical necessity and ability of device to attain a comfortable fit and meet functional goals.

Understanding your insurance coverage

It is important that patient’s also be aware of what their insurance plan will cover. For example: it’s possible that an insurance may cover a prefabricated device, but not custom. Patients can find out this information by contacting their insurance’s customer service line and giving them the information on the order prior to making an appointment. This will also notify the patient if the item requires an additional “letter of medical necessity” for coverage from the prescribing practitioner.

An expert to come alongside you

The Bracing practitioner will help individuals in deciding the appropriate choice between custom vs. prefabricated as it relates to the type of orthosis being ordered. For example many prefabricated knee braces will fit and function just as well as one that is custom made given that the patient’s leg dimensions fit with in the manufacturer specifications.

If a foot orthotic is being ordered, a Bracing practitioner will exhaust their best efforts including applying biomechanical knowledge and expertise to ensure the orthotics are fitting and functioning as intended. Any return appointments that require adjustments to improve the fit and function of a custom device is included in the 90 day warranty.