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Finger Dislocation

What is finger dislocation?

There are 27 bones in a hand, and more than half of them are in the fingers. A dislocated finger happens when one of these bones pops out of its joint. There are three types of finger dislocation, depending on which finger joint is involved.

What causes finger dislocation?

A variety of things can cause a finger to become dislocated, including:

What are the symptoms of a dislocated finger?

If you suspect that your finger might be dislocated, do not try to pull on it or pop it back into place. You may cause more damage. Symptoms of a dislocated finger include:

How is a dislocated finger diagnosed?

The diagnostic process starts by talking with you about your symptoms and conducting a detailed physical examination. Your specialist may also order diagnostic imaging, such as an X-ray, to confirm the diagnosis and check for other injuries to the finger.

What are the treatment options for a dislocated finger?

If you think you might have a jammed finger, it’s important to get treatment right away. Without treatment, a dislocated finger could heal improperly, damaging the joint and putting you at risk of early arthritis.

A dislocated finger may be repaired with or without surgery, depending on how severe the injury is.


A repair that does not require surgery is called a closed reduction. The specialist moves the finger bone back into the joint.

Bracing or splinting

The next step is often to immobilize the injured finger, so that it has time to heal.


If the finger dislocation is severe, or if there are fractures or other injuries to the hand, surgery may be necessary to repair the dislocation.

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