“My philosophy in treating my patient is to provide personalized spine education,  review comprehensive treatment options and work together in determining the best path for you.



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Understanding Injections: Catherine Choi, M.D.

Listen to Summit Orthopedics’ spine expert Catherine Choi, M.D. discuss what a person can expect during a spinal injection treatment.

Dr. Choi’s Approach to Care

“My philosophy in treating my patient is to provide personalized spine education,  review comprehensive treatment options and work together in determining the best path for you.”

Summit pain interventionalist Dr. Catherine Choi credits her first steps toward medicine to rebel teen tendencies and a love of science. “Science was my favorite subject through grade school and high school,” Dr. Choi remembers. “In high school, Mom counseled me to consider a career in pharmacy or nursing, because being a doctor was for men. I was a bit of a rebel. I wanted to see if I could prove that medicine could be for women, too.”

Science and determination may have opened the door, but compassion closed the deal. “I came to realize that practicing medicine was the right fit for me because I really enjoy helping people,” says Dr. Choi. “Counselor is a natural role for me. I take a comprehensive approach in working with my patients to address physical problems. I provide educated insight, work with them to understand what’s causing the problem, and then help to fix it.”

Award-winning specialist: Dr. Catherine Choi Honored as a Rising Star in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine 

A practice encompassing physical medicine and pain management

Dr. Choi’s practice reflects her training in both physical medicine and pain management. “Physical medicine and rehabilitation enables me to work with patients who’ve experienced trauma or a catastrophic event,” she explains. “I can help them recover and rehabilitate. Pain management training provided the fine manipulation skills required to deliver precise, guided injections to give patients immediate pain relief.”

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Personal experience informs professional practice

“My younger sister lived with a chronic disease for many years, and passed away when she was 32,” says Dr. Choi. “I was very involved in her care for many years, and that experience really opened my eyes to a different side of medicine. It’s one thing to see illness from a clinician’s side, but I’ve also experienced illness as a sister. Having that experience has definitely changed the way I approach my patients.”

Listening matters

“Sometimes, the best medicine is just to listen and allow each patient to be heard,” says Dr. Choi. “My time with my patients is limited, but I try to get to a deeper level of conversation. I want to know how the problem is really affecting my patient. Even when I can’t completely eliminate pain, allowing my patients to be heard builds the trust everyone wants with a doctor.”

Education is a cornerstone of Dr. Choi’s care

“Part of my approach to care is providing patient education,” she notes. “I want my patients to see the imaging that explains what they are feeling and what’s happening to them. Then, I help them understand the available options, from conservative treatments to surgery. I guide them, but ultimately it’s up to patients to choose the path they want to take. If one treatment doesn’t work, we’ll keep looking for another option.

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Dr. Choi leaves no stone unturned when treating chronic pain

Treating chronic pain is challenging, but Dr. Choi deliberately chose this area of medicine. “I strive to see each patient as a person,” she explains. “If a patient is feeling pain, I want to get to the root of the problem. Imaging doesn’t always help us figure out what is wrong with the spine. But even when I can’t see the pain source on a scan, it doesn’t change the fact that my patient is in pain. In those cases, I may consider my patient’s lifestyle. Would a lifestyle or social modification make their pain feel better?”

“Pain can be complex,” Dr. Choi says thoughtfully. “Sometimes you have to think outside the box, especially if a patient has already seen multiple other physicians. Maybe they’ve had surgery and were told that nothing else could be done. To that rebel teen that’s still inside me, that’s a challenge. I really do love challenges, and I love to look for solutions. Even with the most challenging pain problems, I’m going to say, ‘I’ll bet there’s something we can offer.’”

Undergraduate Studies
University of Illinois — Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

Medical School
University of Illinois — Chicago, Illinois

West Suburban Hospital- Internal Medicine Internship — Chicago, IL

Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital- Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation — Chicago, IL

University of Chicago | Dept of Anesthesia & Critical Care | Interventional Pain Management Fellowship — Chicago, IL

  • Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Board Certified in Pain Management

  • American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP)
  • Spine Injection Society (SIS)
  • American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (AAPM&R)

Yoga, running and participating in athletic races; knitting, jewelry and invitation making; baking

Patient Education

Spine Animated Conditions and Treatments Library

Spine Injections Animated Library



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Survey Feedback

Dr. Catherine Choi was very professional and thorough, very sensitive to my needs

Survey Feedback

Dr. Choi and her staff are amazing people, they are always supportive and ALWAYS there for me. Thank you all for all you do.

Patient Comment

Dr. Choi completed a Radiofrequency ablation on my low back. I suffered with back pain for over 30 years, my back is now 95% pain free! I can’t express my gratitude to her and her team. I have returned to activities I thought I would never be able to do again. I highly recommend anyone suffering with back pain to have this injection done, it is so easy and simple unlike any back surgery that could be ineffective and risky. Dr. Choi changed my life in less than an hour!

Survey Feedback

Dr. Choi is so wonderful. She is so compassionate, kind and very thoughtful. Her knowledge is fantastic. I would highly recommend her to anyone! The office and surgical staff are also fantastic, very timely and great support during procedures.

Survey Feedback

Dr. Choi was excellent. She was patient and well informed about my condition. She took time to answer my questions and made me feel safe.

comment from patient satisfaction survey

Dr. Choi was so kind and sensitive to my extreme back pain, explaining what she gave me as well as further time to see her and a referral for physical therapy.

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