Bracing Advanced Technology


Modern technology in certain cases help enhance our services. CAD/CAM and the use of certain App technology allows us to provide some custom devices faster, while also allowing the central fabrication facilities to preserve and store information indefinitely.  So, if a patient absolutely love’s the foot orthotics they were provided 5 years ago and there is no clinical reason to change, new duplicate foot orthotics can be made.

Orthotic devices often require that our bracing department be able to make modifications and adjustments in our lab to ensure the best fit for patient comfort. In addition, Summit has the ability to provide routine maintenance and repairs as needed.

Custom orthotic devices are made over a mold of the patient that is generated from a cast, scan, and measurements. At Summit, our bracing department utilizes many different central fabrication facilities with each specializing in the design and manufacturing of the type of orthotic being created. This results in the best possible outcome and performance of the device for the patient.

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