Non-Narcotic Approach

Summit’s pain expertise is focused on interventional spine therapies for patients who experience intermittent or recurrent back pain. Our treatments include evaluations, diagnostic procedures, therapeutic procedures, minimally invasive surgery, laser surgery, and other specialized surgical procedures.

Our goal is to assist you with pain control and improved function at the lowest effective dose of pain medication until your back pain is resolved and you return to normal pain-free activity. Our practice is designed to treat recurrent pain patients. We do not treat chronic pain patients who take narcotic medication for ongoing pain that has not been resolved through therapy.

Recurrent pain may be experienced occasionally, or appear whenever you perform a certain activity, but it is not constant. Chronic pain is constant pain that continues over a long period of time. Chronic pain patients require specialized behavioral expertise to manage the brain changes that develop with unresolved, daily pain. If your pain is chronic, we will be happy to refer you to a medical clinic that specializes in narcotics management.

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