Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “PM&R” is a medical specialty that aims to enhance and restore functional ability, decrease pain and improve the quality of life of patients. It is a three year medical residency following the completion of medical school and a one year medical internship. Also known as Physiatrists, PM&R physicians often choose additional one year post-residency fellowships in pain/spine medicine, sports medicine or inpatient rehabilitation including brain and spinal cord injury.

Physiatrists at Summit Orthopedics have a wide knowledge of spine, musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions. They have the ability to perform thorough history and physical exams, interpret medical imaging, guide physical therapy and medical treatments and perform interventional spine/pain procedures in order to help decrease pain and improve function. Summit Physiatrists will ultimately determine which treatments are best suited to each patient, whether it is non operative or a condition requiring surgery.

A Physiatrist’s goal is to formulate an accurate medical/orthopedic diagnosis when possible, and discuss all potential treatment options to help patients address their medical goals, and improve their functionality and quality of life.

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