Staging Your Home For Post-Surgical Recovery

Minimally invasive procedures mean more surgery patients are able to recovery in the comfort of their homes. Our tips help you make your home a safe place for stress-free recuperation.


Preparing for a surgical procedure can feel daunting, even with a great care team of surgeons, specialty nurses, technicians, therapists, and staff supporting you. After surgery, your mobility will be limited, making daily tasks a bit more challenging. We’ve got some tips to help you prepare your living space for a safe and comfortable recovery at home.

  • Plan your meals for those first post-recovery days. Stock up on the groceries you’ll need, and have healthy single-portioned meals prepared or frozen in advance.
  • Accident-proof your home. If you might trip over it, remove it. Take up loose throw rugs, and tuck long electrical cords away so that they are not tripping hazards. If you are going to need crutches or a walker, arrange furniture so that you’ll be able to move about easily.
  • Assess safety in your bathroom. You might want to consider having handrails installed in the tub or shower, purchasing a shower bench, or using non-skid mats. A hand-held shower nozzle may also make life easier during your recovery.
  • Consider your safety if you have small pets. Pets are an enormous comfort, but small pets with a tendency to be underfoot could cause you to trip and fall. If you are at risk, arrange for someone else to care for your pets until your mobility has improved.
  • Reach out for support. Especially during the first few days after you come home, the presence of a friend or family member can be a huge help with tasks like bathing, dressing, meal preparation, laundry, and unanticipated errands.

Our surgery centers are designed to deliver comprehensive care for appropriate surgeries, and to facilitate your recovery in your own home. With a little advance preparation, your home will be waiting to welcome you to a safe and comfortable environment for your recovery.


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  • Scott Pepin MD

    Scott Pepin, M.D.

    “Having my own personal experiences in sustaining injuries and the subsequent recovery process helps provide me insight into my own patients’ conditions and what they are going through. I also understand the importance of and strive to help return my patients back to the activities they want to do, whether that be to walk around the block or return to high-level sports performance.”

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