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The whole process was smooth and quick from making the appointment to the surgery

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I had been dealing with torn meniscus for 3 years in my left knee; since I was not able to travel for work and had no mountain bike races all due to COVID, I decided to get my knee fixed. The whole process was smooth and quick from making the appointment to the surgery, not to mention I was on my bike 2 days later, taking it easy though and at full strength within 3-4 weeks.

What blew me away was Dr. Warner’s team who I had been in contact with at all stages of the surgery, both pre-op and after, were very kind and sent a letter with details of our conversation prior to surgery in the thank you letter, which blew me away as they were actually listening to me and not just doing their jobs. My father had just had a fasciotomy the previous week and I was concerned as he is 82, in the letter to me the nurse wished us both a speedy recovery, both he and obviously myself are doing great, thank you for the heartfelt words!

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  • Brent Warner MD

    Brent Warner, M.D.

    “As an athlete, I understand the profound impact that an injury can have on a patient’s life and well-being. My goal is to return people to activity as quickly and safely as possible, whether that’s training for an ultramarathon or walking the dog around the block.”

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