Melissa’s Story

I can say, one year out, that it’s been quite the success.

A photo of a smiling mother and her son, both wearing bike helmets, taking a break from a ride.

I had spine surgery (lumbar fusion, L5/S1) just over a year ago to help address symptoms of spondylolisthesis. Dr. Wills and staff were amazing from my very first appointment on. Dr. Wills carefully listened to my symptoms and what parts of my active lifestyle I was no longer able to do. He was thorough in his diagnosis, carefully explaining the x-ray and MRI results to me in detail. Most importantly, he made sure the surgical plan would get me back to what I loved to do. He said the recovery would be difficult, but I would be able to participate in long-distance cycling again. He was correct! I have recently returned to ultracycling, racking up miles and hours in the saddle.

It has been a lot of work by all – Dr. Wills and team, my wonderful physical therapist Stephanie Kinsella, and me all putting in hours of work and recovery. I can say, one year out, that it’s been quite the success. My elementary school aged son is especially happy to have his mom back riding with him again too.

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