Get Ready for Golf with These Arm and Shoulder Exercises

Summit physical therapist and golf lover Josh Feeney, DPT, OCS, CGFI, shares some simple arm and shoulder stretches to use before your next round of golf.

Between the cold weather and the global pandemic, it has been a long, dark winter. Now that the weather is warm and the days are long, it’s time for golf lovers of all ages to get out on the course. Before your next round, take a few minutes to do some simple arm and shoulder golf exercise — to help you perform your best and reduce injuries as you begin the golf season.

Summit physical therapist Josh Feeney, DPT, OCS, CGFI, is a longtime golf lover. “I always say that I want to spend my time fishing and golfing when I retire,” he said. He plays regularly during the golf season and is a certified golf and fitness instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute.

“All of these exercises are simple things someone could do on the tee box,” Feeney said. “After all, the time most people are thinking about exercises to improve their golf game is as they’re getting ready to play golf.”

Golf exercise 1: The cart stretch

First, hold on to the cart or your driver grip (the head of the driver on the ground) with your hands out in front of you, and lean backward and down. You’ll stretch the back of your shoulders and back as you hold the position. Don’t try to stretch too far too soon. You will gain flexibility over time.

Golf exercise 2: The golf club squat

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take your golf club in both hands, as though it’s a barbell. Push the club over your head, so your arms are straight above your head.

Next, do five to 10 squats while keeping your arms above your head. “This is a great exercise for your golf swing, and it also increases blood flow to the lower body,” Feeney said.

Golf exercise 3: The practice swings

The best way to warm up for your golf game is to swing a golf club — especially on the first tee. Start by taking 50 percent swings, where you’re moving through half of the range of motion. Then, work up to 100 percent swings, where you’re completing the full motion.

“Take an even bigger swing than you’re used to, but in a natural, free-flowing way,” Feeney said.

Those three quick exercises — easy to remember, easy to do — can help you make your next round your best round. Good luck!

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