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Back Brace [TLSO/LSO] – Use and Care

Wear in Schedule

Your brace, ordered by the physician, is custom fit to you for the purpose of providing immobilization and support for your spine in order to facilitate the healing process. Wear the brace for the prescribed length and time needed as indicated by your physician.

Putting on your Brace

Check for proper positioning by feeling the indentations on either side of the brace. These will fit with the waistline, above the pelvic crests and below the ribs. The front edge of the brace should be just above your thigh when sitting comfortably upright, and the back should be above the sitting surface.


To protect your skin always wear a clean, dry, well-fitting, 100% cotton T-shirt under your brace. Avoid wrinkles in the fabric by folding excess fabric over the stomach area.

Skin Care

Check your skin surface under your TLSO each day, especially in bony areas, for any new signs of redness or irritation. Skin irritation can result from moisture or bacteria on the skin or from a brace that is not properly positioned.

Bathing: Ask your physician for bathing instructions and precautions. Remember to thoroughly dry your skin and the inside of the brace before putting it back on or skin irritation may result.

Skin products: Alcohol wipes can reduce the moisture and bacteria on the skin surface under the brace. Some powders may be beneficial, but take care not to apply too much, which might lead to caking and additional irritation under the brace. It is important to keep your skin clean to avoid irritations. Mild soap and water are recommended. Do not use lotions, oils, or ointments under your brace. If needed, use sparingly and allow to dry before putting the brace on.

Rash: If the brace causes a rash or skin irritation, try changing your T-shirt more frequently. The irritation may be caused by perspiration, heat, laundry detergent, or fabric softeners.

Chafing and Pressure Spots: These may result from wearing the brace either too loose or too tight. Always check the position and tightness of your brace.

Care of your Brace

Use mild soap and water to clean your brace. Make sure the brace is thoroughly dry before putting it on. You may wipe the brace using rubbing alcohol, which can help destroy any present bacteria and remove soap residue.

Occasionally check for signs of wear. If you think repairs are needed, call for an appointment.

When to Call for an Appointment

You should see a bracing specialist for a follow-up appointment within a few weeks of receiving your brace. Please call if you notice the following:

Never attempt to adjust or repair the inserts yourself.

If you have questions, you are always welcome to reach out to us and we are ready to assist.

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