Post-ride Stretches to Prevent Injuries

Performing the following stretches after your ride will help you recover more quickly and gain flexibility where it matters most for cycling. These exercises have been brought together by Summit cycling experts, who are avid cyclists themselves. They regularly perform cycling evaluations to help people optimize body mechanics and prevent injury.

Why is stretching needed?

When you exercise, the demands of activity cause your muscles to undergo “micro-trauma.” Your tissues need this stress in order to improve their function and performance. Your post-workout recovery is an opportunity to link the short-term immediate benefits of exercise to a long-term, lasting fitness outcome. Recovery is your chance to help your body build toward greater strength and resilience.

When should I stretch?

Our physical therapists recommend stretching after your ride, rather than before. For the best results, muscles need to be warm and pliable. When you stretch after exercise, you help maintain the flexibility of tissues that are tight or stiff from activity. Static or isolated stretches, in which you hold a stretch position for at least 30 seconds, are good post-workout choices.

Injury prevention stretches for cyclists:

Use these stretches each time you go for a ride to support and care for your key cycling muscles.

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