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Running Program

Find a Physical Therapist in the Running Program

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What makes our Running Program unique?

With injury incidence high among runners ranging from 26% to 92%, runners are continually seeking the best information available to stay injury free. The needs and experiences of runners vary widely, and our specialized running providers at Summit Orthopedics can help. Our running therapists tailor their treatment approach to not only alleviate your symptoms, but also guide you in safely returning to your training and accomplishing your goals, whether it be your first 5k, or setting a personal best with a marathon.

What happens in a running evaluation?

There are several components to a running evaluation depending on the presence of any injuries and your current tolerance to running. A typical running evaluation includes the following:

Our schedulers will set up two 60-minute appointments for your initial visits. This allows some flexibility to perform the treadmill portion of the running analysis on either the first or second visit depending on your unique symptom presentation and preferences. A running evaluation can also be recommended further along in the course of your physical therapy treatment, for example when you are cleared to return to running following a surgical procedure.

What are the benefits?

Who is it recommended for?

How is video used?

Our therapists will look at your running form using a video camera or iPad. Most running assessments include 2-dimensional video running on a treadmill that captures 3 views: front, back, and side.

Should I bring my running shoes to my evaluation?

It is important to bring the shoes you typically run in to your appointment as your physical therapist will want to evaluate whether the shoe is appropriate given your running form and any current injuries. If you use orthotics in your running shoes, it is helpful to bring those as well.

What makes the therapists experts in running?

Is a running evaluation an out of pocket service or covered under some insurances?

Scheduling your Running Evaluation

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