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Our hand care experts will work with you to improve function so you can get back to your active everyday life. Every hand specialist at Summit is fellowship-trained. A fellowship is the highest level of training for a physician, and involves an additional intensive year to master the intricacies of the sub-specialty.

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Your hand and wrist contain an intricate arrangement of joints, cartilage, and bones that must work together to accomplish functions we all can easily take for granted every day.

Whether we are extending a hand in friendship or lending a hand at work, we depend on our hands. We need flexibility and coordination to position our fingers and thumbs as we use a keyboard, play an instrument, or perform other fine motor skills. Muscle strength enables us to bend or straighten our wrist, and to grip objects.

But when something goes wrong, and your joints, cartilage, and bones quit working properly, all of sudden simple tasks can become a chore. That’s when you want a team of hand care specialists and surgeons that are regionally and nationally recognized for their expertise in the non-surgical and surgical treatment of hand and wrist disorders.



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