Meet Summit Orthopedics surgeon Dr. Daren Wickum

Meet Summit Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Daren Wickum. He uses his knowledge of joint reconstruction and expertise in direct anterior hip replacement surgery to help his patients maintain an active quality of life.

As the father of three energetic children that keep him very busy, Dr. Daren Wickum appreciates the link between remaining active and quality of life. His Minnesota roots are reflected in his credentials. His degree from Concordia University in Moorhead, Minnesota was followed by medical school and his residency program at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Dr. Wickum went on to complete a fellowship at the Florida Orthopedic Institute. Working with experts across the country, he has perfected the complex techniques required to perform direct anterior hip replacement. The benefits of this highly specialized and muscle-sparing procedure include more initial strength after surgery, less post-operative pain, and increased ease performing activities like getting out of bed, putting on socks and shoes, and going up and down stairs. The direct anterior hip replacement procedure is also a particularly effective approach for hip deformities including hip dysplasia and leg length inequality. 

Patients appreciate Dr. Wickum’s meticulous attention to making a thorough diagnosis, and his frank, relaxed personality. Dr. Wickum understands that every patient’s circumstances and concerns are unique, and takes the time to explore all treatment options to find the best approach for each patient.

Dr. Wickum appreciates the colleagues in his group as much as his patients appreciate him. “I am lucky to be in a group that has so many knowledgeable, caring, and talented surgeons and doctors—my team benefits me and my patients. If patients ever have concerns when I am unavailable, one of my partners will see them right away and take care of the situation. At Summit Orthopedics, there are a number of doctors in my sub-specialty. If one of us isn’t available, our patients can always count on the others to make sure they have the best possible outcome after surgery. For us,” he says with a grin, “playing on teams didn’t end with high school sports!”

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