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ASCEND Program

Who would benefit from our ASCEND Return to Sport program?

This program is designed for the committed athlete eager to get back to a high level of sport performance after a lower extremity surgery or injury.

Why is this program such a powerful resource?

Our ASCEND Return to Sport program is designed to safely intensify physical performance after standard one-on-one rehabilitation therapy is completed. ASCEND Return to Sport training is focused on safely and effectively continuing athletic progression into high intensity sport activities through therapies including single leg strengthening, agility and plyometric conditioning to boost speed and power, and core strengthening. In addition to enhancing performance and strength, our program provides education, guidance, and coaching on proper movement techniques to prevent re-injury.

What benefits can I expect through the ASCEND Return to Sport program?

ASCEND Return to Sport provides athletes with the conditioning needed to perform at their best while teaching techniques that will help protect from re-injury through a program focused on the following:

Where is ASCEND Return to Sport offered?

Two locations make your athletic recovery convenient as well as comprehensive. You may attend our ASCEND Return to Sport program at either of our Summit Orthopedics facilities located in HealthEast Sport Center and Vadnais Heights.

What is the time commitment to complete the program?

The program team meets twice a week for six weeks, for a total of twelve sessions of sport-specific training. During each 75-90 minute session, specialized physical therapists and certified athletic trainers will guide athletes to reclaim their competitive edge. Athletes will benefit from sports medicine expertise and personal encouragement at every step of the process. Our program provides athletes endurance and education needed to return safely to competition, while minimizing the risk of re-injury.

How much does it cost to participate in this comprehensive athletic recovery program? 

A $350 deposit covers the entire cost of our twelve-session program, but your final cost may be lower. You will be refunded any portion of your deposit that is covered by insurance. Physician approval is required for all post-surgical patients who wish to participate in the ASCEND Return to Sport program.

To register for our ASCEND Return to Sport program and maximize athletic recovery, call 651-968-5201.