Four out of five Americans experience an episode of back pain. Pain and stiffness can make daily activities challenging, but are not necessarily signs of a serious spine problem that requires medical attention.

Most people who experience discomfort can treat back pain themselves with:

Using these methods, 95 percent of people get better within three months without medical treatment.

At Summit, we understand the power of prevention. We know that anyone who has experienced an episode of low back pain is 76 percent more likely to have a second episode; however, with core exercises, we can reduce the risk of back pain recurrence to 29.8 percent. Our simple weekly exercise programs have been developed to prevent a single episode of pain from becoming a recurring medical problem.

If your pain does not improve over time, or is accompanied by other symptoms that concern you, our spine team is here to evaluate you, develop a treatment plan tailored to your symptoms, and get you back on the road to recovery.

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