Cleaning Tips That Protect Painful Joints

Keeping a clean home can be a painful project for people with arthritis. We’ve got some shortcut tips to streamline your cleaning while protecting your joints.

cleaning tips for arthritis

There is nothing more welcoming or restful than a sparkling, well-kept home, but even people in perfect health will agree that housecleaning is a chore. For people coping with stiff, painful arthritic joints, that chore becomes painful. We have some cleaning tips that will help you keep your home tidy without aggravating your arthritis.

  • Choose cleaning products wisely. Using spray bottles can be tough on arthritic hands. Large heavy containers of detergent may be a challenge to lift and carry. Scrubbing brushes might require more muscle and endurance than you have. Look for cleaning products in smaller, lighter bottles that are easy to handle and apply. Cleaning tools like microfiber cloths, gloves, and “magic eraser” sponges enable you to tackle dirt without a lot of heavy scrubbing.
  • Let cleaning solutions do the work. Instead of applying and scrubbing a product on a soiled surface, apply the solution and let it sit for a few minutes to loosen dirt and grime. You’ll be able to swab dirt off the cleaned surface with much less effort.
  • Be smart about supply storage. If your home has more than one level, store all the supplies and tools you need on each level—including separate easy-to-use vacuum cleaners. It will save you from lugging supplies and equipment up and down stairs.
  • Break up your cleaning jobs. Instead of dedicating an entire day to cleaning, schedule one cleaning task a day to avoid overexertion. It’s easier to clean one room per day than it is to tackle an entire house. You can also focus on heavy-traffic areas; instead of vacuuming an entire room, vacuum the pathway between rooms. You’ll freshen up your living space without straining painful joints.
  • Clean as you go. If you wipe down counters and sinks as spills happen, you avoid the extra work of tackling dried spills or caked-on dirt. A container of cleaning wipes at the sink will make instant clean up even more convenient.
  • Dusting made easier. Slip on an old pair of gloves or cotton socks to dust surfaces; they work just as well as a dust rag and are much easier on stiff joints. To dust high and low areas without stretching or bending, use a duster with a telescoping handle, or simply attach your dust rag to a gift-wrap tube.

With a little planning and a few special cleaning techniques, you can care for your joints while you care for your home.

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