Dietitian-Approved Guide: Where Can I Find Reliable Nutrition Information Online?

There are numerous nutrition websites online, but not all of them provide trustworthy information. Summit’s nutrition and wellness team shares the most trusted online sources for evidence-based nutrition guidance.

When you are searching for information about a specific food or diet, you’ll have no problem finding pages of websites eager to advise you. Figuring out which sites offer well-vetted information based on credible research is a more challenging task. Summit’s nutrition and wellness team shares their most trusted online source for nutrition information.

Websites you can trust

When clients want to do online nutrition research, we recommend and the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) website. We rely on these sites to provide really good information. Both offer information grounded in evidence and based on science.

  •  This site was designed for nutrition professionals and the public as well. It’s all evidence based, which means that there is a substantial body of research supporting the advice offered. The research is based on studies involving large numbers of people who were followed for a period of months or years—not weeks. Research is graded from A to D. The grades reflect the trustworthy and accurate level of the research.
  •  The International Society of Sports Nutrition site offers a library of researched articles that are evidence based. It’s very thorough; a board of certified professionals reviews the content. This is a particularly good site if you are researching a supplement. We know there is a lot of interest in supplements, but it’s important to remember that supplements aren’t regulated. We tell our patients to talk with a physician before trying any supplement—even one they buy over the counter. Just because a supplement makes a claim doesn’t mean that the claim is supported by research.

Watch for the red flags

There are red flags to be aware of when reviewing nutrition claims. When you see extreme claims, be cautious. Watch out for wellness websites that claim to make great recipes while giving broad-brush advice warning you to stay away from all dairy or gluten, for example. Someone with a solid nutrition background may caution you about added sugars, refined grains, or trans fats, but they are not going to tell you to eliminate an entire food group.

A tailored solution

The most helpful nutrition information is tailored to your needs, and it’s hard to get personalized guidance from an online source. An online source may not include options for someone who is lactose intolerant. That’s why we are big believers in seeking out a professional to help you with specific goals. Here at Summit, we make it easy for anyone to come in and talk with us. Whether you want general nutrition information to make healthful lunches for your kids, have a stringent aim to lose 20 or 30 pounds, or are looking for a program that combines exercise and nutrition to reach your target, we are here to support your nutrition goals.

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