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Summit Congratulates 2024 Rising Stars: Eight Is Great!

We’re thrilled to announce that eight of Summit Orthopedics’ amazing doctors have been honored among 2024’s “Rising Stars” by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. They are: Michael Anderson, D.O.; J.P. Delaney, M.D.; Roman Guerrero, M.D.; Dane Hansen, D.O.; Matthew Nies, M.D.; Scott Pepin, M.D.; Daniel Probst, M.D., C.A.Q.; and Trevor Wahlquist, M.D.

What are 2024 Rising Stars?

To earn the title of “Rising Star,” physicians undergo extensive evaluation by their peers and must meet stringent criteria for excellence. The award is only open to physicians who have been practicing in their specialty for 10 years or less. To be considered, they must be nominated by other doctors — their peers — as the kind of outstanding physician that other doctors would want to treat them or their family members. Each nominee is then assessed, and finalists are evaluated by a blue-ribbon physician committee before being awarded the “Rising Star” designation. It’s fair to say that being chosen as a Rising Star is a real honor for doctors in the Twin Cities.

Summit’s 2024 Rising Stars

Michael Anderson, D.O.

Dr. Michael Anderson is a foot and ankle surgeon who enjoys treating patients of all ages. “I offer a friendly environment where patients feel comfortable asking questions. And I want them to know they are going to get an honest answer because their best interest is my priority,” he said. “That is a responsibility that I take to heart.” 

Here is what one of his recent patients had to say:

“Dr Michael Anderson was phenomenal. He treated me like I was a best friend and was so attentive and focused on my care. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had on an office call with a doctor. I felt very lucky to have him handling my care. My wife and I talked about how great he was to a number of friends later in the day.”

J.P. Delaney, M.D.

Dr. J.P. Delaney is a hand and upper extremity surgeon who relies on listening, honesty, and patient education in his practice. “One of the unique aspects of orthopedic surgery is we get to see immediate results in most of our patients. And people come in — usually with a traumatic injury of some type or a degenerative condition — and after surgery within a couple of months, these people are usually back to fully functioning and enjoying their lives,” he said. “Being able to make that type of difference in someone’s life is very gratifying.”

A recent patient had this to say:

“Dr. Delaney is terrific! His care is much appreciated. He is a good listener, provides thorough answers to questions, and shows concern for me as his patient. I highly recommend him, and I have referred a family member to him.”

Dr. Roman Guerrero — first-time Rising Star

Congratulations to orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Roman Guerrero, who is celebrating his first year as a Rising Star awardee. “It’s all about being well-informed,” he said. “If nonsurgical treatment is not working, I turn to peer-reviewed literature. When I treat patients with an indicated procedure for a specific type of disease, they are more likely to have a better surgical result.”

Take a look at what one of his recent patients said:

“I always feel included in discussing my care and have great confidence in Dr. Guerrero’s expertise.”

Dane Hansen, D.O.

Dr. Dane Hansen’s practice is focused on hip and knee arthritis and joint replacement for patients ranging in age from adolescents to older adults. “Patients are intelligent and want to make their own decisions,” he said. “They want to find the doctor who will do the best job at making them feel comfortable. My job is not to convince people that they need surgery. My job is to educate my patients about their condition, so they understand what arthritis is, what the prognosis is, and what their options are.”

 Here is a recent patient’s impressions of his care:

“Dr. Hanson was very kind and patient and listened with empathy to my concerns.”

Matthew Nies, M.D.

Dr. Matthew Nies is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hip and knee joint replacements for patients with hip and knee arthritis. “I give patients the options, and we make a decision together about what the best route for the patient as an individual is going to be,” he said. “I take a conservative approach, reserving surgery as a last resort.”

Here is what one of his recent patients had to say:

“Dr. Nies was very upbeat and reassuring to me that we would get to the bottom of this problem.”

Scott Pepin, M.D.

Dr. Scott Pepin is a sports medicine surgeon who uses his experience as a lifelong athlete to approach his patients’ needs empathetically. “My satisfaction comes from helping my patients maximize their quality of life so they can do the things they want to do, whether that’s playing basketball again or just walking to the mailbox without pain,” he said. “That’s what I enjoy.”

Take a look at one of his recent patients’ comments after an appointment:

“I am always amazed at how Dr. Pepin shows genuine care and a willingness to answer all my questions.”

Dr. Daniel Probst — first-time Rising Star

Congratulations to sports medicine physician Dr. Daniel Probst, who has been honored as a Rising Star for the first time this year. “The patients know best what they’re going through, and if I can listen to what is going on, I can design a more effective treatment,” he said.

His patients respond well to his approach. As one said recently:

“Dr. Probst was great! I left the office with a good understanding of the options.”

Trevor Wahlquist, M.D.

Dr. Trevor Wahlquist is an orthopedic spine surgeon who excels at finding the right diagnosis and working with patients to find the right solution for them. “The idea that someone is enduring months of terrible pain is pretty horrifying. My practice gives me the tools to address and treat this debilitating pain,” he said. “It is so gratifying to see my patients return to the activities they love, and to the lifestyle and people that are important to them. That’s what gets me up and going every morning.”

One of Dr. Wahlquist’s recent patients had this to say:

“I really respect Dr. Wahlquist. He is very knowledgeable and always willing to listen. You definitely feel that you have input regarding your own care.”