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Congratulations to Summit’s Six 2023 Rising Stars

This year, six of our talented physicians have been named “Rising Stars” by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Congratulations to Summit Orthopedics’ 2022 Rising Stars. They are: Michael Anderson, D.O.; J.P. Delaney, M.D.; Dane Hansen, D.O.; Matthew Nies, M.D.; Scott Pepin, M.D.; and Trevor Wahlquist, M.D.

What are 2023 Rising Stars?

Being chosen as a Rising Star is a high-profile honor for doctors in the Twin Cities. The award is only open to physicians who have been practicing in their specialty for 10 years or less. To be considered, they must be nominated by other doctors — their peers — as the kind of outstanding physician that other doctors would want to treat them or their family members. Each nominee is assessed according to a range of rigorous criteria, and finalists are evaluated by a blue-ribbon physician committee before being awarded the “Rising Stars” designation.

We’re proud to have these excellent doctors on the Summit Orthopedics team!

Summit’s 2023 Rising Stars

Michael Anderson, D.O.

Dr. Michael Anderson is a foot and ankle surgeon who enjoys treating patients of all ages. He takes pride in helping patients identify their medical issue, addressing it, and then designing treatment to help give patients the best possible outcome. Here are what a few of his patients had to say after recent appointments:

“Everyone is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Anderson continues to problem solve/troubleshoot my pain! So thankful he hasn’t given up.”

“Dr. Anderson continued to help with my care when my care system would not put in a referral for him. He arranged with another provider, that was in my network, to take over my care and do the surgery needed for my broken leg. Dr. Anderson, with his coordinator Tami, went above and beyond to make sure I was cared for.”

J.P. Delaney, M.D.

Dr. J.P. Delaney is a hand and upper extremity surgeon who relies on listening, honesty, and patient education in order to help his patients feel confident in their treatment plan, leading to great outcomes. Here are some of his recent patients’ comments:

“I went to Dr. Delaney for a second opinion, and he prevented me from making a mistake on the immediate need for surgery that my other provider had urged. While I will still need the surgery eventually, Dr. Delaney has agreed to treat me until then and evaluate my progress. And he will perform the surgery as needed at the appropriate time in the future. I felt an immediate comfort and trust level with him.”

“I’ve seen Dr. Delaney twice this year, and my experience has been very positive. Dr. Delaney, in my opinion, is an excellent doctor. Professional, caring, and informative.”

Dane Hansen, D.O.

Dr. Hansen’s practice is focused on hip and knee arthritis and joint replacement for patients ranging in age from adolescents to older adults. He uses his advanced training in minimally invasive surgical techniques and quick-recovery joint replacement to help his patients return to their fully active lifestyles quickly. Here are some of his recent patients’ impressions of his care:

“Dr. Dane Hansen did an OUTSTANDING job of following me post-surgery! I appreciated his competence, compassion, and thorough knowledge of my specific needs. He gave me confidence in my ability to recover.”

“Dr. Hansen was a good listener and gave me information on a level that I could understand and was specific just to me. Scheduling surgery was fast and efficient.”

Matthew Nies, M.D.

Dr. Matthew Nies is a hip and knee surgeon who prefers to take a conservative approach to care, with surgery as a last resort. He engages in shared decision-making and determines the right course of treatment together with his patients. Here is what some of his recent patients have to say:

“Dr. Matthew Nies is the single best, most caring orthopedist I have encountered in 30-plus years of dealing with arthritis issues.”

“Had total knee replacement surgery in January 2021. Walked out of the clinic the next day, and never did use crutches or walker — very little pain. Everything went smoothly, and I am walking several miles a day several days a week now, three months later.”

Scott Pepin, M.D.

Dr. Scott Pepin is a sports medicine surgeon who uses his experience as a lifelong athlete to approach his patients’ needs empathetically. He balances his patients’ desire for athletic performance while helping them plan for a healthy and active lifestyle for years to come. Take a look at some of his recent patients’ comments after their appointments:

“Dr. Pepin is always trustworthy, professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I value his opinion of care at visits and recommendations for treatment.”

“Dr. Scott Pepin is amazing! Dr. Pepin was professional, kind, and very patient with my questions. He is a highly skilled surgeon, for which I am grateful. Thank you, Dr. Pepin, for taking such great care of me during my hamstring avulsion repair!”

Trevor Wahlquist, M.D.

Dr. Trevor Wahlquist is an orthopedic spine surgeon who excels at finding the right diagnosis and working with patients to find the right solution for them. Spine surgery interests him because of the variety of patients he encounters, the complexity of spine conditions, and the many surgical and nonsurgical treatment options available to help. Here is a sampling of what some of Dr. Wahlquist’s recent patients had to say:

“Excellent service overall. Dr. Wahlquist was incredibly knowledgeable and kind. I was in a great amount of physical and emotional pain, and he was very validating and nice. He put my mind at ease when I was feeling very hopeless. It was a huge gift!”

“Recently had back surgery on herniated disc by Dr. Wahlquist and was able to walk within a couple of hours! Dr. Wahlquist is an amazing doctor, and I would definitely recommend him. He was able to answer any and all questions I had, and he explains everything very well.”