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  • prevent ankle sprains

    Ask Dr. Voight: Preventing Basketball-Related Ankle Sprains

    Tips every basketball player should know about how to prevent ankle sprains.

  • recreational basketball injuries

    Dr. Voight Discusses Recreational Basketball Injuries

    Learn why muscle fatigue may be the culprit behind recreational basketball injuries.

  • Treatments For Common Basketball Injuries

    In a contact sport like basketball, injuries are fairly common and range from minor sprains to serious joint injuries. We review treatments for the most common injuries in this sport, explaining when you can treat injuries at home and when you should call Summit for a medical evaluation.

  • Safety Equipment A Basketball Player Needs

    It is difficult to completely avoid injury in a contact sport like basketball, but using the right protective equipment can help. We have a list of the safety equipment players should have to help prevent or minimize game-related injuries.


  • Know The Most Common Basketball Injuries

    Basketball is a fast-paced game with explosive action that puts particular stress on feet, ankles, and knees. Understanding how stress is linked to injury is the first step to prevention. We identify the basketball injuries we treat most frequently, and explain why they happen.

  • High School Basketball Injury Prevention

    The fast pace of high school basketball games can be thrilling to watch, but the speed of the sport can also result in a wide range of injuries. We have tips to help your high school basketball athlete enjoy an injury-free season.